Welcome to the Social Psychology Research Group!

Welcome to the website of the Social Psychology Research Group at the Department of Psychology, Boğaziçi University.

We strive to generate high-quality social/cultural psychological research on topics related to social identities (e.g., national, ethnic and racial identities, immigrant status, gender) and intergroup relations, social inequalities, and social cognition. Some of our current projects include studies on:

  • masculinity threat and its consequences
  • gender discrepancies in representation in academic fields
  • majority perceptions of immigrants and refugees (threat, prejudice, cultural adaptation, and policy support)
  • essentialist perceptions of social categories (e.g., gender or race) and group differences
  • the relationship between sense of control and social categorization processes

We study these topics using a variety of methods; such as computer-based measures that we collect in our lab, as well as paper-and-pencil and online surveys.

Graduate and undergraduate student members of the team take part in various steps of the research process: doing literature reviews, reading and brainstorming, designing and conducting studies, and analyzing data. 

Please browse our website for more information on ongoing projects and opportunities!